An unrealized concept for the visual identity of the 74th film festival in Swiss city Locarno was based on the texture of the event’s wild animal mascot and its bright colour combination.

There is something mysterious and beautiful about the leopard. It is difficult to find, it is agile and well camouflaged. Each species of leopard has its distinctive fur colour, so-called mimicry, which allows them to fit into their natural habitat. Like a leopard, we must adapt to a rapidly changing world. The main element is an organic pattern that is applied to abstract shapes symbolizing all the diverse characteristics of the leopard and the diversity of the genres of the festival itself. The leaves symbolize the natural environment in which we try to find this magical creature.

The playfulness of the visual goes hand in hand with easy applicability to various materials, but also the current possibilities of using graphic design, such as virtual/augmented reality and social media.

Wooden frame mockup website banner template

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